Lint Group was established in 1992 and by the year 1998 the company had grown exponentially in numerous areas of business, such as:
  • Lettings & Management
  • Construction & Outsourcing
  • Procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Sourcing
  • Relocation
We harnessed the success to formulate a holding company to oversee all future operations.
With over 25 years of experience and our dynamic approach to business, we have become pioneers in property letting, sourcing and management, making it the core part of our business. However over the last 18 years we have created and stimulated opportunities in development consultancy and joint venture opportunities.

You will find that in all areas we are continuing to build upon our existing growth, both in reputation and in size. From the number of properties we manage to sourcing and supplying housing to local authorities. The growing numbers of maintenance contracts through to high quality and design led developments that encompass prime locations, intelligent living spaces and investment value.

Commitment to quality and attention to detail remain central to everything we do.



Over the last 25 years we have achieved numerous goals from creating standards for the industry to winning awards for both properties developed and properties managed. We have rich history of achievements and we look to carry on in this tradition in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision for Lint Group is to carry on with the commitment, drive and dedication we have shown throughout our long standing service to clients. As landlords, tenants and investors you will find us approachable, focused, helpful, efficient and reliable. Our core values of honesty and integrity means we are dedicated and have your best interest by safeguarding your development and or properties, treating it as if it were our own.

We continue to implement and innovate solutions and products to further enhance growth. Delivering a high standard of service, we ensure our clients receive the returns and experience that they expect. Our honesty, integrity and focus on satisfying clients are central to Lint Groups ethos. We have a core knowledge base on property focused areas and are happy to share, advise and guide our clients and new investors seeking to invest whether from overseas or UK based. Lint Group has the expertise to help.


Our Focus


Our focal points are many however our clients have always been at the forefront of all our businesses. We understand that maintaining our high standards are never overlooked and that we are always in check with the bench marks we have set. Our client retention levels and being recommendable is one of the highest endorsements we have as proof that we are sustaining and creating a standard that others follow.

At Lint Group we consider our clients growth as a means of gauging our success. Our entrepreneurial focus is always to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcome from their investments and the best opportunities to invest in, ensuring growth, retention and recommendation.

The Future

Letting International manages over half billion pounds worth of properties with Ace Crest servicing landlord contracts with a maintenance retainer service. Lint Group looks to carry this forward by increasing the number of properties through robust marketing, recommendations and solutions with an eye to converting all new business on to the retainer maintenance service agreement. Lint Development is looking to further push the number of developments by introducing innovative schemes for investors.

We look to move forward with entrepreneurial rationality with innovative ideas, solutions and focus on the businesses at hand.

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