After successfully fundraising over £80,000 for Indonesia's Tsunami Emergency Appeal – Lint Group delegates fly out to support charity partner Abdullah Aid.

On 28th September 2018, Indonesia was struck by a powerful and deadly earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.5. With the death tolls exceeding 2,000 people, reports from National Geographic suggested the event was 2018's deadliest quake.
Following the natural disaster, members from Lint Group (Arif Patel, Arbaz Oomerjee, Asif Dakri, Ayyub Patel, Faisal Ahmedabadi, Hanif Loonat, Imran Patel, Saleem Sheikh & Zamil Abdullah) embarked on a fundraising challenge to climb Mount Snowdon in support of Abdullah Aid’s Indonesia Tsunami Emergency Appeal, which provides food and shelter to those affected.
Lint Group went on to raise a staggering £80,000, an extraordinary feat – Senior Sales Manager Ayyub Patel said the following:

‘Local business got involved, local Mosques as well as friends and family. We were taken back by the amount of support we received’

The fundraising was immensely successful prompted discussions of longevity to see the project through. Following this a small delegation from Lint was sent to see the hard work carried out by Abdullah Aid.

‘It was amazing to see the people that survived this, I saw the strength in their eyes and the looks on their faces to say that they’ve been given a chance, another life. They lost a lot of people, but they were happy to have survived. They didn’t have a lot but whatever they had; you could see that they were going to make it work. That for me is what stood out the most, to see the strength, hope and faith in their eyes.’ – Senior Sales Manager Ayyub Patel

Abdullah Aid is a charity whose mission is to fulfill sustainable solutions relating to health, shelter, education and empowerment, which is achieved by providing emergency relief, food and medical aid to victims of conflict & natural disasters and implementing income generation projects to help them gain independence.

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