Lint Group's Guide to Right to Rent
The Home Office together with the UK Government is implementing changes to the Right to Rent Scheme which began on the November 25, 2020.

The new rules will allow letting agents and landlords to know whether a prospective tenant is legally allowed to rent a property in the UK. This information will be available on the Home Office website. Here is our brief outline of what is included within the new regulation.
Changes in the Right to Rent scheme
The Immigration Order 2020 is introducing an online system which will make the process of renting properties easier. Letting agents and landlords will be able to see a photograph and details of a person’s right to work and rent in the UK. Digital checks can be carried out through video calls and landlords will no longer need to review documents in person. Agents and landlords will need to confirm whether the photograph found in the online system belongs to the potential tenant. They will also need to retain a copy of the web page for one year following the termination of tenancy.
Like the Right to Work system, tenants will receive a shared code which letting agents can combine with their date of birth to obtain access to the online service. The system will show whether follow-up checks are required and send a copy of the check to the agent for their records. Document checks may still be required since not every potential tenant will have an immigration status which can be verified online. Due to this, agents should be prepared to perform traditional checks on original documents.
Application of the new regulations 
For the present, the verification service will be available only for EEA nationals and their family members who have received status under the EU Settlement Scheme. It also applies to non-EEA nationals who have a biometric residence permit, and migrants arriving under the Points Based System. Others will need their documents checked manually or by entering a request to the Landlord Checking Service in case they do not have documents available.
It is necessary for agents and landlords to be acquainted with these updates which will be applied to all right to rent checks beginning November 2. Visitor nationals (also known as B5JSSK nationals) from the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand have the right to rent. They must possess a passport and a document denoting entry to the UK within the last six months. These nationals can also get approval via the Landlord Checking Service and obtain the right to rent in the UK for 12 months.
Benefits of using Lint Group in the process of finding tenants
From the beginning, private landlords have expressed the difficulties with Right to Rent because they consider it a cumbersome process. At Lint Group, we can help you to review tenants' documents as part of our service supporting landlords in performing these checks. Contact our sales team on

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