Lint Group's Guide to Landlord Boiler Cover
With winter fast approaching, a serious concern facing landlords is a damaged boiler. Fixing a boiler can be expensive, often taking the cost up to hundreds of pounds.

With winter fast approaching, a serious concern facing landlords is a damaged boiler. Fixing a boiler can be expensive, often taking the cost up to hundreds of pounds.
Expenses aside, a broken boiler leaves your tenants shivering in the winter. It is possible to ensure that heating and hot water problems do not disturb your tenants or you this season.
A landlord boiler cover is a great solution to overcome your boiler woes. An effective cover includes an annual boiler service, which ensures that your system is in good working condition.
Choosing a well-planned boiler cover offers multiple benefits including great peace of mind.
Why a Landlord Boiler Cover is Important?
A good landlord boiler cover helps you manage boiler expenses without having to bear the brunt of huge repair costs.
A boiler cover also ensures that you are well-equipped to fulfil your legal responsibilities as a landlord. As a landlord, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants. If tenants injure themselves due to a boiler issue, then you could be liable for the damages.
A landlord boiler cover helps you manage all such expenses with ease.
Whether the boiler at your let-in property is not working, or has completely broken down, a boiler cover helps you pay the costs. Depending on the policy limit, a boiler cover pays for its repair or replacement.
A comprehensive plan provides insurance for a range of issues, including boilers, central heating, plumbing, and electrics.
Benefits of a Landlord Boiler Cover
A standard home insurance plan may not provide boiler coverage. A boiler cover basically protects you from heavy expenses you may incur due to a problematic boiler at your rental property. It helps you keep your tenants and property safe.
The annual boiler service offered by boiler coverage is a legal requirement for landlords. A boiler service also includes an annual gas safety inspection, which is a legal requirement too.
Boiler Cover and CP12 Certification
As a landlord, you are required by the Gas Safety Regulations law to have all your gas appliances and gas flues checked annually to ensure the safety of your tenants. A Gas Safe-certified engineer is required to assess and certify the safety of your gas flues and appliances.
If the engineer finds all your flue and appliances safe, you’ll be given a Gas Safety Certificate or a CP12 certificate.
A landlord boiler cover enables you to have such annual inspections and be legally compliant.
What to Look for in a Landlord Boiler Cover?
A comprehensive landlord boiler coverage includes the following:

· Coverage of costs associated with repair of a faulty boiler. Includes costs for labour and parts such as pipes.
· Access to Gas Safe registered engineers
· Convenience of unlimited call outs for periodic examination or during emergencies
· Legal compliance (CP12 and tenant safety law)
With our 3* rated boiler policy, you will also be getting the benefits of a reliable and accessible local service with 24/7 customer service easily payable by cheque, cash, through bacs or the most popular way is it for it to be deducted from the rent.
A boiler cover is affordable when compared to the money you have to spend for boiler repairs or replacement. With multiple benefits to its credit, a landlord cover is the best investment to make this season. No more winter heating or hot water issues!



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