Lint Group Stands Together to Support NHS

Our turn to feed the NHS Heroes.

Lint Group is proud in standing together with local businesses and has teamed up with the charity Supporting Humanity Eman Channel TV  Ghafoor Pure Halal and Saffron Kitchen to support them in providing vital hot food daily to key NHS heroes at local hospitals throughout this pandemic

Supporting Humanity

Idris Patel from Supporting Humanity quickly set up a the supply chain with local BME businesses to produce, pack and deliver to 14 hospitals across London with around 1,800 hot meals to all the frontline staff and the vulnerable in society daily.

Ravi Bopara

To further support the good work and ensuring that the project is sustainable during the entire pandemic period, Lint Group sponsored and furthermore, Rizwan Patel Managing Director spearheaded an appeal to further raise funds, within 24 hours these funds were raised which covers all the meals for the months ahead. Lint Group are sponsoring hot meals daily covering, King George hospital in Redbridge and Queens Hospital in Havering.

King George Queen Elizabeth HospitalsThis initiative has welcome generous help from the Essex Cricket team as well as celebrities such as Dean Ahmad from The Apprentice who have offered to help in the kitchen and delivering the hot meals.

Tom WestleyT20 Captian - Tomas Westley added “It is really important that we go into and help where it’s both safe and possible. The key workers on the frontline have been doing an amazing job, so if we can support them in anyway, we will"

Rizz added “This year will surely go down in history, not just for the Covid-19 pandemic, but for the many ways in which people are choosing to stand together, join forces and supporting each other. We owe it to the NHS staff who have gone and going above and beyond in taking care of us, it’s our turn to ensure that they keeping as strong as possible and in good health to fight everyday this battle that looks as if it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. On my visit this week, the whole operation, delivering the hot food to Queens Hospital in Romford and seeing the efforts of the front line staff, you could feel the tense pressure the A&E department was under and this felt like the true front line of this battle. So, what we are doing is so little but means a whole lot to those front-line staff with doctors and nurses coming to say thank you, it was moving”

Graham Gooch Varun Chopra Kelly Castle

“Let’s not forget the people that are making this happen the volunteers that are also risking themselves by visiting these hospitals when they don’t need to be there. The comradery of these fine people is infectious and what great spirit they have, last but not least Farhaan from Saffron Kitchen you are a gem of the community, well done all.”

Dean Ahmad The ApprenticeLint Group would like to see this as a starting point to enable other businesses to start setting up a supply chain to help feed hot meals to their local hospitals around the country.


NHS Support

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